April 2004

Music in Photography Series I

HIP HOP – David Scheinbaum

David Scheinbaum is the Director of The Marion Center for Photographic Arts at The College of Santa Fe, and an active photographer/teacher. Along with directing the Marion Center he teaches the History of Photography and studio courses in black & white fine printing. David worked with the preeminent photo historian Beaumont Newhall from 1978 until Newhall’s death in 1993. With his wife, Janet Russek, he operates Scheinbaum & Russek, private fine art photography dealers and consultants in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“I am trying to give the viewers both a visual feel for the music and musicians, a feel for the audience and crowd, and to give a face, an identity, to the many dedicated artists that perform this music and poetry. By taking the photographs from the stage, I am trying to give the viewer a sense of the intensity and perspective of the performers, and in this way to reveal the interaction and bond that does exist between the artists and the audience.”

For the full artist statement, please Go Here

PHOTOGRAPHS – Chrissy Piper

Chrissy is a freelance photographer living in New York City. This show will feature her portrait work she has shot for a variety of magazines as well as some of her more personal live concert shots featured in her book “The Unheard Music”.

Always saying good-bye but knowing that there’s always another show, another fest. Driving 24 hours to see ten bands play, only to turn around the next night and drive another 24 back. Sleeping in the parking lot of a gas station because the vans out of gas and the station doesn’t open until six A.M. Driving all night to make it to the next town, the next show, the next penpal and it doesn’t matter that the club is a mess and the kids smell like shit. What does matter is what’s being said and who’s being heard. That the sound is OK and no one gets hurt.

All the different kids from different cities who show you all the great local spots. Like the lake in Ottowa or the railyards of Dayton, there’s so much more than music. Cramped legs and crowded lofts relieved by the kindness of a strangers floor. And all of the friends made over late night conversations of unity and change. Conversations that never really brought about any action, but at the time, we thought we could change the world, and I guess that’s what was important.

And For all the bands that have come and gone and all the fanzines that have done the same, soon to be replaced, though not forgotten. Because of them we are never resting, never idle.

Ryan Jeffery & Ethan Rose

Starting in January of 2004 Newspace has been presenting a monthly series of sound/image installations in our back studio to coincide with its first Friday’s openings. These take place on the reception night only!

Ryan Jeffery examines the relationship between images and sound by pushing the idea of visually describing sound. As a natural part of this process, Ryan collaborates closely with musicians and sound artists. In addition to the short form work, Ryan creates work for site specific installations, contributes to performance-based work with live musical accompaniment and projections.

Ethan Rose is a musician and sound artist based in Portland, Oregon whose solo activities focus on the disassembly and reconstruction of familiar and forgotten noises. By making use of found objects and automated musical sculptures as source material, his work is an exploration of order and accident, a meandering consonant sound that stretches the confines of the object’s original intention.