April 2005

Paul Schiek
[artist website]

According to Paul Schiek, his images are unapologetically about class and the relationship between love and hate. But they go beyond just this idea, they also revolve around a few simple statements that are not just his ideas, but also, his ideals:

“Images should be seen by many and not coveted.”
“The physicality of the image is not precious, it is an interpretation of an event or person or space that is.”
“Many images grouped together are interesting because a sense of time and conversation is created.”

Paul also believes books are a great way to distribute and use the photographic language which he has proven by self publishing three beautiful limited edition books; Diptych, It is so Beautiful I Want to Die and Good By Angels.

Molly Quan
[artist website]

Molly Quan is a Portland photographer whose images blend familiar environments with detached, almost alien scenes that are comforting and at the same time uniquely foreign. Her photos tell a rambling story with no beginning and no end, instead, they form a series of vignettes that show the viewer an often overlooked perspective of the everyday world.