April 2009


Newspace Center for Photography is pleased to present an exhibition of black and white landscape photographs by Portland artists Christine Laptuta and Terry Thompson during the month of April. Both artists use alternative and antique processes to make prints rich with a sense of history and mystery.

Fractal Forest

Terry Thompson’s images are an exploration of rare and endangered botanicals inhabiting a region of Borneo that has since been entirely deforested. Travelling light, Thompson’s images were shot with a miniature camera that produces images reminiscent of the pen and ink drawings of early botanists.

Thompson has exhibited nationally and was most recently part of the “Wild Beauty” exhibition at the Portland Art Museum. He is a former rock photographer, teacher, and lecturer, and his work is in numerous collections.


[artist website]

Christine Laptuta’s images are continuous frames on long strips of film shot with a primitive Holga camera. The camera’s unpredictability has enabled Laptuta to tap into a more intuitive and spontaneous shooting style. Her final prints are contact printed as platinum/palladium prints or printed digitally as large-scale archival pigment prints.

Born in Toronto, Christine now lives and works in Portland. Her work is in public and private collections and she has shown both nationally and internationally.