August 2005

Ann Ploeger
[artist website]

Newspace Center for Photography presents the series “Portraits” by Portland photographer Ann Ploeger. Ms. Ploeger has been photographing friends and family for most of her adult life. This new body of work attempts to capture the subject’s true self while simultaneously exposing environmental nuances that inform on the subject’s uniqueness while expanding the dialogue that already exists between subject and photographer. The subject’s awareness of the photographic process is a priority in Ploeger’s work.

These large format (28″ x 37″) color photographs play with the ideas of banal everyday interaction in the domestic space and beyond, integrating an awareness of the iconography of the “usual”. Evolving from her past portrait work, Ploeger shifts from primarily single subject photos to full frame scenarios including multiple subjects.

Ms. Ploeger received her BA with distinction in Film Studies and Art and English minors from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 1999. She worked as the gallery coordinator for Blue Sky Gallery from 2000-2004 and her work has been shown locally, nationally and at the Mannheim Institute in Germany last June.

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