Introduction to Professional Lighting Techniques

© Robbie McClaren

Description: Learn to see and control the basic building blocks of the photograph: light and shadow. The primary goal of this class is to gain an understanding of light from many different sources including studio strobe lighting and available light. You will learn concepts, techniques, and tools used for portrait lighting. Students will also review examples of successful photographs and how various lighting shapes them. Class includes 4 hours in Newspace’s Lighting Studio to practice techniques.

Prerequisites: DSLR camera required and manual camera operation proficiency.

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Photoshop for Lightroom Users

Mark Fitzgerald
© Mark Fitzgerald

Description: This class is for Lightroom users who are ready to add Photoshop’s expansive toolset to their digital editing toolbox. This class focuses on teaching Lightroom users the most important aspects of Photoshop, while avoiding the parts of the workflow that are better managed in Lightroom.

Prerequisites: Lightroom I: Modules or Lightroom Essentials, or instructor consent.

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Lightroom Essentials

Rebecca Benoit

© Rebecca Benoit

Description:Baffled by how to organize, backup and share your images using Lightroom? This class is for you! Learn how the Lightroom catalog system works –you’ll love it once you understand it! You’ll also learn basic workflow (import, rating, search, export) and file and backup management.

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills. Bring your laptop with Lightroom or use a Newspace Mac computer.

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Color Calibration

Description: Become acquainted with basic color management in this introductory class! Topics will include a short history of modern color science and how the human eye observes color. This class will demystify how color space, monitor profiles, and printer profiles work together so you can achieve high quality, predictible results. This one-day workshop is a must if you want to print beautiful digital photographs in TRUE COLOR.

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills. Some familiarity with Photoshop or Lightroom

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© Ray Bidegain

Description: Spend a day with Ray Bidegain learning this fascinating, alternative Civil War-era process. You will learn how to mix the needed materials and receive instruction on how to gather and build the equipment to make wet plate collodion tintypes. Students will spend the day pouring plates and exposing them in the Newspace studio and darkroom using a 4×5 view camera. You will make several plates and have a good understanding of the process. This class is for students who like making handmade objects and working in the darkroom.

Prerequisites: None.

Pro Photo SupplyThis class is generously sponsored by Pro Photo Supply.

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Coffee Break: Develop Film with Organic Caffenol

© Pete Gomena

Description: Negatives looking a little tired? Pictures lack get-up-and go? Try Caffenol, the developer made from instant coffee and two other household ingredients! This experimental developer will produce unusual, yet high-quality negatives. Best of all, the Caffenol process is organic and safe for the environment. Feel good about your chemical footprint and learn how to make and use this unique film developer.

Prerequisites: Students should bring one or two roll of exposed film and we will provide the materials.

Members: Please call to receive discount

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Cape Kiwanda: Coastal Landscapes

© Zeb Andrews

Description: Join Zeb Andrews on an exciting trip to Cape Kiwanda to learn lighting, composition, camera, and lens tips for landscape photography, on-location at the beautiful Oregon coast. Spend a day on the sandy dunes and rugged cliffs of Cape Kiwanda working hands-on to improve your landscape photography. After the coastal trip, the class will meet the following Thursday evening at Newspace for a review and critique session. Recommended for students who have taken DSLR I, Photography Fundamentals I, or have manual camera proficiency.
Prerequisites: Students should have working knowledge of their camera
equipment, and exposure techniques.

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The Blue Hour: Photographing Twilight

© Zeb Andrews

Description: Take this on-location class and let yourself be immersed in the cool, pure, blue light of twilight. Evening is a fantastic time to capture color in the sky as day fades to night and the city lights begin to twinkle. With Instructor, Zeb Andrews, you’ll work on-location to learn key technical tips for photographing in the unique twilight hours. You’ll learn how to take long exposures, capture the color and delicacy of the light as it changes and how to troubleshoot common issues involving white balance, focus and exposure. The second session will be an informal sharing and review of work created during the first session. Students should bring cameras and tripods. Recommended for students who have taken DSLR I, Photography Fundamentals I, or have working knowledge of exposure techniques.
Prerequisites: Students should have working knowledge of their camera
equipment, and exposure techniques. Tripods are available for check-out.

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iPhone Photography

© Susan Bein

Description: This module series will teach you all the tips and tricks to get the most out of the camera on your iPhone! Get comfortable with enhancements for your iPhone, including apps for shooting, post-processing, and sharing. You will learn to use the apps in creative ways well beyond their original design and intentions. Recommended for beginners.
Prerequisites: iPhone required.

Module 1: Shooting Apps

  • iPhone apps
  • General camera tips
  • Camera apps
  • Slow shutter and Hipstamatic
  • Multiple panoramas and more!
  • Field trip

Module 2: Basic Editing Apps

  • Basic photo editing
  • Exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and blur
  • Retouching app
  • Adding textures

Module 3: Advanced Editing and Printing

  • Sharing and transferring files
  • Advanced layers, masks, and blending modes
  • Re-sizing for printing
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Digital Camera: Daylight Portrait

© Joni Kabana

Description: Learn to find the “sweet spot of light” in any location. You will learn the tricks for mastering portraiture using natural light effectively, using a variety of backgrounds and natural lighting situations. You will also work outside in the urban setting on posing subjects to create engaging portraits.

Bring a friend at 2pm to serve as your model or practice with another student! You will leave with an increased understanding regarding how light affects a great portrait.

Prerequisites: Students must have digital cameras. Phone cameras are also acceptable. Working knowledge of exposure techniques is helpful.

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