The Blue Hour: Photographing Twilight

© Zeb Andrews

Description: Take this on-location class and let yourself be immersed in the cool, pure, blue light of twilight. Evening is a fantastic time to capture color in the sky as day fades to night and the city lights begin to twinkle. With Instructor, Zeb Andrews, you’ll work on-location to learn key technical tips for photographing in the unique twilight hours. You’ll learn how to take long exposures, capture the color and delicacy of the light as it changes and how to troubleshoot common issues involving white balance, focus and exposure. The second session will be an informal sharing and review of work created during the first session. Students should bring cameras and tripods. Recommended for students who have taken DSLR I, Photography Fundamentals I, or have working knowledge of exposure techniques.
Prerequisites: Students should have working knowledge of their camera
equipment, and exposure techniques. Tripods are available for check-out.

Instructor: Zeb Andrews

July 15 | 7-11pm
Follow-up session: Thursday July 20 | 7:30-9pm