Digital Youth Session 2: Digital Image Editing

Kelli Pennington

© Kelli Pennington


Description: Designed as a continuation of Session 1, Digital Image Editing will allow students to more deeply explore digital applications for editing in Newspace’s state-of-the-art digital classroom. Students will use their digital cameras to make images and learn how to upload and use Photoshop to edit and manipulate. Students will use Photoshop to make alternate realities, combine landscapes, and even switch faces with friends. All students will bring home digital prints of their work!

Prerequisites: Suggested to be taken with Digital Image Editing. Students should bring their own DSLR camera or call Newspace to inquire about renting a digital camera. All other supplies provided.

AGES 14+
Instructor: Kelli Pennington

(CANCELED)Four Wednesdays
March 8-April 5 | 4-6pm
No classes during spring break March 27-31