DSLR Cinematography

Corey Drayton   Corey Drayton

The DSLR camera has revolutionized video storytelling. For the first time in a generation, aspiring filmmakers have access to a variety of affordable video equipment, and the DSLR has become the workhorse of documentary filmmakers, YouTubers, Music Video Artists, and commercial cinematographers. Increasingly photographers are expected to provide video services to keep up with market demands, but for some the shift from shooting stills to shooting motion hasn’t come naturally.

This course will cover the mechanics and best practices of DSLR Cinematography, from building your DSLR to shoot documentaries, music videos, or film. We will cover how video crews work, demo some of the best video gear on the market, and show you how to use it effectively. You will be introduced to grip and lighting tools of the trade and their techniques, camera position and movement, Union standard on-set protocols, pulling focus, location sound recording, writing scripts and shot-lists, and prepping your RAW footage for post.

Prerequisites: Students should have working knowledge of their camera equipment, exposure techniques, and basic computer skills. We recommend that students have or be able to rent Canon DSLR cameras with APS-C (22.00mm x 14.70mm) sensors, or cameras capable of shooting 720p video. The course will focus on Full Frame CMOS Sensors and 1080p/24 Video.

This class is generously sponsored by Pro Photo Supply

Instructor: Corey Drayton

Six Tuesdays
April 18-May 23 | 6:30-9:30pm