Large Format: Mastering the 4×5 Camera

© Charles Purvis

Description: This course is an engaging exploration of large format photography through the use of the 4×5 view camera. Elegantly simple in design, the 4×5 view camera has unique capabilities that enable the photographer to solve problems and create effects that cannot be realized with other cameras or specialty lenses. The large format negative or transparency holds tremendous amounts of visual information that can be scanned or printed to sizes that can be achieved only by the most expensive digital cameras. The view camera is a favorite for serious photographers and artists. This class will cover a complete understanding of the design, use and application of the view camera, films and lenses, front and rear standards swing, tilt, rise and shift, focus and parallax, metering and exposure compensation.

Prerequisites: A limited number of 4×5 cameras are available for students enrolled in the class to check-out. Students are encouraged to bring their 4×5 camera and film holders if they have one. Students will need to purchase 4×5 film.

Instructor: Charles Purvis

Six Thursdays
April 20-June 1 | 7:15-9:15pm (No class May 18)