Lighting I: Weekend Studio Overview

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Description: In this class you will learn the “how and why” of working with both flash strobes and continuous light to photograph people and objects, and learn how these light sources can be used to augment natural light. The goal of the class is to use hands-on experience working with studio light to enable and inspire the student to transcend the usual applications through creative exploration. Students will use strobes and incandescent lights, separately and in combination; learn how to “draw” with light, create depth, and portray movement; explore the evocative and utilitarian qualities of light; learn the most flattering approaches to lighting people; learn how to light objects; and work with fill cards, gobos, reflectors, gels, and refraction techniques.

Prerequisites: DSLR camera with manual proficiency required.

(CANCELED)Session 2: Saturday & Sunday
March 4 & 5 | 10am-4:30pm

Instructor: Charles Purvis