Visual Storytelling

© Charles Purvis



How do we create a body of work that transcends a collection of images? The purpose of this class is to support and challenge us to communicate the stories we see and feel, while leveraging the attributes of photography to deepen the evocative impact of images on our lives. In this class, you will be photographing with intent to create a body of work that has an internal coherence and narrative. You will explore style, order, cadence, and flow, and the variety of final forms that our work may take, including: book, film, object, and exhibition. This class is recommended for students who would like to explore creative strategies in creating a series or body of work.

Prerequisites: Students should have working knowledge of their camera equipment, exposure techniques, and basic computer skills.

Instructor: Charles Purvis

Six Wednesdays
March 1-April 5 | 6:30-9:30pm