December 2002


Tomiko Jones Lives in Seattle, Washington.

“Simply put, my photographs are an observation on light and shadow, and the plain beauty of natural light. My attraction towards the soft lines of the human form have compelled me to use my friends as subjects and models over the years. They have become the form on which the light and the basic elements will play.
I have been drawn continually back to the self-portrait. It seems that in the past I would play the subject because no one else was available at that magic moment of perfect light. Now, I find myself playing out the characters of a mysterious story because I am the only one who can tell it. The stories are inexplicable, except in that they emerge from somewhere deep down and parallel my own life.
I am trudging across a vast field with a suitcase full of props, an enormously heavy tripod, a box of Polaroid film, a bucket of water, and an old Crown Graphic 4 x 5 press camera. The story unfolds from there.”

MIXED MEDIA – Melissa Gill

Originally From Tuscon Melissa is now living in Seattle. She has developed a personal style that is a synthesis of photography, printmaking, drawing, painting and collage.

“By printing, painting or drawing over photographic images, I feel as though I am going beyond the surface appearance of things. I like to literally and metaphorically scratch the surface of the (illusory) reality of a photogaph.”