Black & White Darkroom



The darkroom is open Monday – Thursday, 10am – 10pm, and Friday – Sunday, 10am – 5:30pm. We have occasional classes taking place in our darkroom. Please call in advance to check availability and reserve space. We will hold your spot for 20 minutes beyond your scheduled time unless you call to let us know you are going to be late.


Black & White Community Darkroom

Features an Ilford 2240 print processor capable of processing up to 16×20 RC paper sizes – dry to dry in 90 seconds!

Tray processing for fiber and RC paper up to 20×24.

Our community darkroom is equipped with ten enlargers capable of enlarging 35mm, medium format & 4×5 negatives. We have a variety of lightsources available including; diffusion heads, condenser heads, one Aristo cold light head and two Ilford 500 Multigrade heads.  We also have a 12″x16″ UV lightbox available for use.


Black & White Private Darkroom

Our  private, wheelchair accessible darkroom allows you to print up to 20×24 prints. It is equipped with a Beseler VCXL enlarger and a Beseler Universal 45 variable contrast head.

This darkroom is also suitable for sheet film tray processing and alternative process printing.

Please call to reserve.


Black & White Film Processing

Newspace is equipped with a negative developing area capable of processing all formats and sizes of Black & White film.


Washing & Mounting

11×14, 16×20 and 20×24 Archival print washers and a 16×20 dry mount press are available.


Mat cutter available by request.

* Users must know how to operate the cutter and are responsible for their own safety in operating the cutter.



Hourly Printing

  • Community Darkroom hourly rate is $10 / $9 with student ID
  • Private Darkroom hourly rate is $15 / hour

Patron Level members (and higher) receive a 10% discount on hourly rental rates!


Pre-Purchased Hourly Blocks

  • $85 / 10 hour block
  • $150 / 20 hour block
  • $260 / 40 hour block

Hourly blocks do not include film processing.

Hourly blocks expire after 6 months from purchase date.

Hourly blocks are non-transferable to other facility uses.


All prices include chemistry for tray processing up to 11×14. There is a $5 set up fee for 16×20 and a $10 fee for 20×24.  No per print charges.


Film Processing

  • 35mm – $2.50 per roll
  • Medium Format – $3.00 per roll
  • 4×5 Daylight Tank – $12 for up to 12 sheets at once
  • Sheet Film Tray Processing – $15 / hour


Dry mount press

  • $5 / hour


Mat cutter

  • $5/hr plus $.25/blade