February 2005


Newspace Center for Photography presents: BLESSED l CURSED – the images of Liam Drain, Thom Heileson and Daniyel Hicks.

Liam Drain
[artist website]

Liam Drain is a photographer living in Portland, OR. These photographs are abstractions upon the style of beauty proposed by the band ABBA in the 70s.

“ABBA’s music seems to me the furthest distance in a certain direction of rock music as it has evolved from blues and jazz. I think it was colder and more soulless than anything up to that point, and still I haven’t heard that certain sound replicated elsewhere. They were also a gigantic, dazzling fantasy that people at the time seemed to want to believe in. I’ve tried to translate that aesthetic into photographs by stretching a few conventions of the kind of portraiture that intends to flatter to an extent that the reality of the photograph is overwhelmed by intense manipulation toward beauty.”

Thom Heileson
[artist website]

Thom Heileson is a Seattle artist and designer working in digital media, including altered photography, video installation, interactive media and graphic design. His photographic work merges the archaic technology of early vintage cameras with the current technology of digital imaging, to create images that evoke a liminal sense of scenes as states of psychological tone and atmosphere: enigmatic, fictional spaces which connote through emotive timbres rather than through specific description.

Mr. Heileson will present his 2 channel video installation “Scend” for one night only on February 4th from 7-10pm.

Daniyel Hicks
[artist website]

Daniyel Hicks is a Portland artist who likes to use just about anything he can get his hands on in his process. This results in a collage of materials, tools, and inspiration.

“Lately, I have been making more traditional collages using acquired materials, images from old books, newspapers, as well as print-outs of images that I have discovered on the internet and potentially altered with anything from various graphics applications”