iPortland: An iPhone Show


Curated by Jan Sonnenmair

March 4th – 27th 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, March 4th 6-9pm


Newspace Center for Photography is pleased to announce an exhibition of iPhone photographs curated by Portland Photographer Jan Sonnenmair. The exhibition includes images from eight Portland photographers including; Jan Sonnenmair, Joni Kabana, Beth Nakamura, Andy Batt, Faith Cathcart, Daniel Root, Susan Bein, and Aisha Harley.


Curators statement:

A professional photographer is hard to impress. With $3,000 cameras, “big glass” and a multitude of digital tricks in their bags, no one would imagine that the smallest, most effortless tool would be all the rage.

iPortland is a show of work by eight Portland photographers exclusively using their iPhones as cameras to create images. With iPhones in hand, the mundane becomes magical… the everyday scene now is looked at as a work of art. With APPs like the “Hipstamatic”, the “Quadcamera”, “Shake-it Photo” and “Tilt-shift Generator”, professionals are having fun and making some of the most mesmerizing images I have seen in a long time.

I challenged myself and the other photographers to create a “personal narrative” with their iPhone cameras. Any APP or style was open. Many chose to document the things and people closest to them in their everyday life. Some traveled to far away places and had their iPhone ever-present like a bag full of filters and films in one small pocket. You will notice, in the exhibition, things you might see everyday as you travel through Portland, structures and details of the everyday, now become graphic and mysterious. Shooting an image with the iPhone gives us the ability to be that fly on the wall again, to walk the streets and not feel so obtrusive with our big DSLR cameras.

New technology is feeling very old school.

iPhone photography, a flash in the pan? A trend? Maybe, but for now we are using the tool to it’s fullest range!

-Jan Sonnenmair




iPortland Group Photography show. from jan sonnenmair on Vimeo.


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