Curated by Jake Stangel

Newspace Center for Photography is pleased to announce an exhibition of photographs curated by Photographer Jake Stangel.

Only Photographs” is a collection of images based upon the principle of photograph as a holistic study of space, time, energy, and momentum. The show presents paired images from 14 environment-based photographers throughout the U.S. and Europe, each in his or her own visual perception of the world surrounding them. The resulting collection of images offers insight into 14 sets of life stages and unique environmental visions, encapsulated and unified by the force of photography, a medium that enables both the photographer and viewer to investigate and celebrate these suspended moments in time together.


-Jake Stangel  [Website]


Participating photographers:

Joao Canziani   [Website]

Felix R. Cid  [Website]

Samantha Contis   [Website]

Dru Donovan [Website]

Brian Finke  [Website]

Adam Golfer  [Website]

Emiliano Granado  [Website]

Morgan Levy [Website]

Jason Nocito  [Website]

Caitlin Teal Price  [Website]

Thomas Prior [Website]

Luis Sanchis  [Website]

Daniel Shea  [Website]

Brian Sorg [Website]