2012 Juried Exhibition


July 6th – 29th

Opening Reception: Friday, July 6th 6-9pm



Newspace Center for Photography is pleased to announce our 8th Annual Juried Exhibition. This year’s exhibition was juried by Photolucida Director Laura Moya. From over 250 entries, she has chosen 40 photographers to show in the Newspace gallery this month. Photographers from all over the country and the world enter the Newspace Juried Exhibition each year. The show is an opportunity to see compelling work from a broad range of national and international talent, drawn together by a juror with a fine-tuned eye for curating great works.



winnowing (verb, from the Middle English winnewen): An agricultural method developed by ancient cultures for separating grain from chaff – the act of separating heavier and lighter components.

I started the jurying process in pure winnowing mode, separating the images into two camps, until I had a master folder of fifty. These fifty images spoke to me in some variance of golden tones – they were heavy…they had visual, emotional or conceptual heft. I winnowed some more. A difficult job at this stage, each of the familiar fifty fought to stay, and I felt sad expelling some from the kingdom. I paused and asked for higher help, which came to me in the form of figuring out what the overlying concept of the curatorial pattern of the images should be. Seeing the rows of thumbnails, I noticed how some images seemed to be speaking to the one next to it. A dialogue was occurring.

Curators working with group shows have the difficult task of communicating some sort of narrative to the audience as they make order of the melting pot of subjects, mediums, and diverse aesthetics. I want the audience of this exhibition to move slowly through the pieces and try to guess at what the dialogue is between certain work. If it is too obvious, I have failed. If it takes a while, I have succeeded, as the best thing that can happen to a piece of art is that someone actually thinks about it. The worst thing is to glimpse at it and move on. These images deserve more than that.

Jenny Riffle’s portfolio SCAVENGER – Adventures in Treasure Hunting stuck with me most in the end. Skillfully weaving an ambiguous thread between fact and fiction, Jenny gives us a complex character named Riley, a seeker of treasure and adventure. I was pulled into the story, and left with a hundred questions.

Laura Moya
June 2012



Aaron Blum, Jenny Riffle, Almae Larson, Robert Warren, S. Gayle Stevens, Dick Simon, Alex Potter, Randi Beach, Samantha VanDeman, Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola, Lara Shipley, Lewis Francis, Julie Verdini, Michael Sherwin, Nathan Lee, Megan Roche, Amanda Boe, Kerry Mansfield, Lizz Stringfield, Josef Jacques, Christopher Capozziello, Allyson Klutenkamper, Richard Boutwell, Joni Kabana, Noel Worden, Adam Smith, Joyelle West, Brett Henrikson, Charles Shotwell, Danny Polidori, Jim Leisy, Melanie Howe, Stacie Turner, Chris Gibson, Stepanka Peterka, Nathan Lee Smith, Robert Tomlinson, J.J. Hastings, Reathel Geary, Clarke Galusha


Laura Moya is director of Photolucida, a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon that provides opportunities for emerging photographers. She has participated in the Lodz Photography Festival, Noorderlict, the Pingyao Photo Festival, the Lishui Photo Festival, and Xiang Sha Wan Photo Festival. Moya has curated two alternative process exhibits at 23 Sandy Gallery and has recently juried (with Clint Willour) Blue Sky’s ‘Northwest Drawers’, ‘Alternative Realities’ for PhotoPlace Gallery, and ‘THE FENCE’ at Photoville. Laura has written pieces for Griffin Photography Museum’s ‘Critic’s Pick’, Finite Foto, and photo-eye. She reviews portfolios in the US and internationally, most recently at SPE and LensCulture/FotoFest in Paris.