2013 Themed Exhibition:

Photography at the Edge

On display: February 1st – 24th

Opening Reception: Friday, February 1st 6-9pm

NEWSPACE Center for Photography is pleased to present Photography at the Edge, our 2013 Themed Exhibition juried by NEWSPACE Executive Director Tricia Hoffman.

As artists adapt to an ever-expanding range of options for creating photography, our understanding and acceptance of what might be considered a photograph continues to shift. The NEWSPACE 2013 Themed Exhibition: Photography at the Edge showcases work that contains photographic processes but still hovers at the edges of the medium. These include alternative printing methods (digital and historic), appropriated imagery, book presentations, iPhone images, photo-collage, and three-dimensional objects. Although every piece incorporates photography as a primary method, each pushes the boundaries of what might be considered “photography” in varying ways.

Linda Alterwitz, 
Kalee Appleton, 
Jeffrey T. Baker, 
Susan Bein, 

John Ryan Brubaker, 
Cecily Caceu, 
Mike Callaghan, 
Jason Carlisle, 
Mengyu Chen
, Teresa Christiansen, 
Lizzy Cross, 
Shane Darwent
, Amy Elkins, 
Suzanne Engelberg, 
Melanie Flood, 
Julianna Foster, 

Susan Gans, 
Lauren Grabelle, 
Sharon Hart, 
Jaclyn Hudak, 
Chang Kyun Kim, 
Jennifer Kurek, 
Fritz Liedtke, 
Jack Long, 
Jamison Metzger, 
Denyse Murphy, 
Leigh Oviatt, 
Ben Panter, 
Dulphe Pinheiro Machado, 
Cady Poorman, 
Emidio Puglielli, 
Cory Rice, 
Tom Roberts, 
Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson, 
Katie Shock, 
Kat Sloma, 
Buzzy Sullivan, 
J Swofford, 
Benjamin Timpson, 
David Underwood, 
Lito Vales, 
Jordan Vansise, 
Rana Young