Pacific Midwest

A Milwaukee Group Show

On Display:
September 3 – 29
Opening Reception: Friday, September 6 | 6-9pm
Artist Presentation: Friday, September 6 | 12-1pm

Newspace Center for Photography is pleased to announce a group exhibition with ten photographers based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This exhibition will present a diverse sampling of work created by the Milwaukee, (pronounce Milwaukee Comma) group, which is a collaborative photographic project that transplants the work of Milwaukee artists to geographies beyond Wisconsin’s borders.

This exhibition will give Portlanders the unique opportunity to see work being created in a community just over 2,000 miles away.  In the coming year Newspace Director, Chris Bennett, will be working with the Milwaukee, group to create an exhibition of Portland photographers to be exhibited in Milwaukee.

Photographers included in this exhibition:
Tara Bogart | Mark Brautigam | Nichiolas Grider | Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman | Jon Horvath | Kevin Miyazaki | Naomi Shersty | Sonja Thomsen | Jason Yi

Among those exhibiting, Tara Bogart will be showing her Modern Hair Study series, which consists of portraits of young women photographed from behind. “By focusing on the back, the viewer is forced to contend with all of the peripheral things that make each woman unique.”  Sonja Thomsen will present an interactive installation of photographic reproductions, titled lacuna.  This work “creates a constellation of recollection, as transient in nature as memory itself” and is composed of seventy small-scale images hung on the wall, waiting to be peeled away by the public.  Mark Brautigam will exhibit photographs that constitute a personal and unique portrayal of the state of Wisconsin. “The images are steeped in unassuming Midwestern solitude, populated by timeless characters, and set in a landscape that is neither dull nor spectacular and always seasonally in flux. While these photographs may live within the stereotypes of the Midwest, they also confound them with a reverent and dignified perspective on the land and people of Wisconsin.”


Gallery Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 10am-9:30pm
Friday – Sunday: 10am-6pm (First Fridays 6-9pm)


Thank you to the Kinsman Foundation for your ongoing support of the Newspace Gallery.