Spinning Yarns: Photographic Storytellers


On Display: November 1st through December 1st
Opening reception: Friday, November 1st 6-9pm
Lecture by participating artist, Blue Mitchell: Saturday, November 2nd 1pm

Newspace Center for Photography is pleased to present Spinning Yarns: Photographic Storytellers, curated by Anne Leighton Massoni and Libby Rowe. To “spin a yarn” is not just to tell a story but to construct a tale. The artists featured in this group exhibition use photography as a vehicle to tell their stories utilizing visual metaphor, open-ended narratives, and subtle manipulation of subjects and scenes depicted.

As curators of Spinning Yarns we identified some significant traits about storytelling and storytellers. From setting the stage to character development, from prose to poetry, each of the artists in this exhibition utilizes aspects of storytelling and open narrative to send their viewers down a creative path. As artists they seem to work with a quiet urgency, a tale that must be told, a calm where a storm seems to be brooding right under the surface. They balance the playful with the serious, beauty with peculiarity. Each artist imparts to the viewer their experiences, their wisdom and imagination, their beliefs and memories, creating images that are provocative because they present a “beginning” through place, mood, or character.

-From the curators statement

Spinning Yarns: Photographic Storytellers is a traveling exhibition featuring 23 artists and 64 works. Artists include:

Bess Bieluczyk | Andy Bloxham | Muireann Brady | Joy Christiansen Erb | Jason DeMarte | Alex Emmons | Ashley Feagin | Carol Golemboski | Jay Gould | Darren Harvey-Regan | Christopher Jordan | Priya Kambli | Morgan Konn | Nate Larson | Marni Shindelman | Anne Leighton Massoni | Blue Mitchell | Rachel Girard Reisert | Libby Rowe | Christine Shank | Erin V. Sotak | Grace Weston | Ruth Zelanski


Gallery Hours:
Monday through Thursday 10am-9:30pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm


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