Environmental Portraiture

2014 NEWSPACE Juried Exhibition


On Display: July 18 – August 31
Opening Reception: Friday, August 1st 6-9pm

From mid-July through the end of August, Newspace is pleased to present our 10th Annual Juried exhibition – Environmental Portraiture – with work selected by Melanie McWhorter, photographer and Book Division Manager of photo-eye. Photographers included in the exhibition are:

Noah Addis | Scott Dalton | Joy Christiansen Erb | Ivana George
Clara Ridabock | Andi Schreiber | Martina Shenal | Jeremy Underwood


Curator’s Statement
Our world is flooded with moving and still images that collectively transform the way that we view the world. Although a single image may not have the ability to revolutionize our perspective, each photograph in our collective imagery builds on our dialogue and expands our vocabulary. As Vicki Goldberg stated in The Power of Photography, “Photographs change nothing but spread their influence everywhere.” While the potential of the individual picture may not lie in its ability to affect change and action in the viewer: the capacity to influence lies in the connectivity to photographs taken and to be taken. Their power is their capacity to communicate and connect. This exhibition features personal, documentary and cathartic analysis of the everyday in contrast with projects that speak about the environmental and economic state of the world.

The term environmental portraiture usually applies to the process of capturing an image of humans in their working or home setting. After carefully looking at the possible images for this year’s exhibition, I found that like the human portraits – some documentary, representational and staged – artists were performing the same act of portraiture of the environment through images of urban sprawl and overdevelopment of the periphery, alluring sculptures from human debris, and glacial landscapes through the lens created from glacial waters. While the environmentally themed images deal with contemporarily relevant and important topics and the portraits explore the human condition, the artists do not use a heavy hand and while the topics are serious the images are beautiful and each as well constructed as the next. The exhibition shows photography’s ability to express larger ideas without denying the seductive nature of the medium.


In addition, Scott Dalton has been selected for a 2015 solo exhibition of his series Exit Taft, Turn at Polk.


Gallery Hours:
Monday through Thursday 10am-9:30pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm

Thank you to the Kinsman Foundation and James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation for your support of the Newspace Gallery.

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