Call for Entries

Residency & Exhibition Call for Proposals: Gentrification in Portland

Newspace Center for Photography is supporting and presenting one image-based project on the subject of gentrification, displacement and land-use in Portland in 2016. The project is supported in partnership with c3:initiative through a studio residency.

Deadline: Monday, October 19, 2015, 6pm

Gentrification – the process in which affluent residents move into under-invested neighborhoods previously populated predominantly by low-income families and small businesses, ultimately resulting in development, abrupt increase in property values and the eventual displacement of longtime residents – has been an increasing concern in Portland. The primarily African American neighborhoods of North and Northeast Portland have undergone a continuous process of displacement, but never before has the effect been as widespread and inclusive as in the past decade—cutting across class, race, and ethnic distinctions.

The opportunity proposed by Newspace is meant to encourage a creative analysis of the changing city. Employing image-based practices (photography, archival materials, photo-books, etc.) we seek to support and exhibit an ambitious project by a local artist that represents, tracks, and investigates the issue of gentrification and displacement.

In accordance with our belief that an exhibition can and should function as an opportunity and platform for an open and honest discussion, and the image is uniquely positioned to reflect, communicate, teach, propose, question, and draw connections regarding rapid changes to place and culture, we will fund one proposal for a joint low residency at Newspace and c3:initiative to develop a project on this timely topic that will culminate with a nine-week exhibition at Newspace July 29 – October 1, 2016. The final project must employ, at least in part, image-based practices and incorporate multiple public programs. We encourage a broad interpretation of the use and integration of images across media. We welcome proposals from individuals and collaborators alike.

PLEASE NOTE: With this opportunity, we encourage observation, as well as self-reflection. While developing your proposal, we urge (but not require) that you contemplate some of the following questions:

* What are the true effects of gentrification – what is lost? What is gained? Who is benefitting? Who is in control? Is there a middle ground?
* How are we individually implicated in the process of gentrification?
* Where and how do issues of race, class, ethnicity, lifestyle, and gender come into play?
* How can you go beyond representing the process of gentrification to instead capture outcome, actions, solutions, collaboration, strengths?

• The selected project will receive an artist fee and production budget in the range of $2,000-$3,500 (exact amount dependent on funding secured by late 2015) that will go towards development and production of the final project.
• Newspace will provide access to its facilities in Southeast Portland (equipped with a darkroom, digital lab, and lighting studio), terms to be determined according to resident’s needs and facilities’ availability.
• c3:initiative will provide studio space in its North Portland location during the course of the project’s development, as needed and available (to be scheduled following project selection).
• The artist and/or collaborators will work regularly with Newspace’s curator and c3:initiative’s program manager to develop the exhibition and programming components of the project.
• Newspace and c3:initiative will be happy to support additional fundraising efforts initiated by the artist(s).

The proposals will be reviewed in fall 2015 by a selection panel comprised of representatives from Newspace, c3:initiative, and relevant community groups. Final decisions will be announced in early December 2015.

Proposal deadline: Monday, October 19, 2015, 6pm
Phone/in-person interviews with finalists: Late November
Selection announced: Early December 2015
Project development: December 2015 – July 2016
Exhibition and public programming: July 29 – October 1, 2016

• Applicants must reside in Portland at the time of application and project duration.
• The proposal must address issues of gentrification, displacement, and land use in Portland. Preference will be given to projects that work directly with a community.
• The project must be primarily image-based (photography, archival materials, photo-books, etc.). We encourage wide-ranging and hybrid uses of images across media.
• Availability for a short phone or in-person interview in late fall 2015.
• Ability to commit to an exhibition and programming in summer 2016.
• Project lead must be at least 21 or older.

If you are applying as a collective, submit only one application. Please read the directions carefully – incomplete or erroneous applications will not be considered.
The following documents must be emailed to by October 19, 2015, 6pm

Application form – PDF format. Download the Application Form (PDF)

Project Description – PDF format
The description should be 750-1,000 words and address the following:

– Explain your interest in the issues of displacement, land use, and/or gentrification. For example, you may address lived experiences, historical interests, ongoing observations, concerns, etc.
– Describe the project you propose developing as part of this residency, and how it clearly applies to the issue of gentrification. Be as specific as possible.
– Describe how you may incorporate image-based practices into your final exhibition at Newspace in summer 2016.
– Identify a minimum of 2-3 community groups and organizations you intend to reach out to in the course of your residency. These can be collaborations to develop the work, participants in future programming or other. Please state if these are confirmed collaborations or illustrative examples.
– Describe 2-3 public programs you may incorporate into the project during the course of the exhibition.

Budget Outline: There will be a limited production budget and artist fee. Please submit a description of how you would utilize the funds to develop the project. Be as specific as you can, though we understand that as the project evolves funds may be reallocated. – PDF format

Bio (up to 150 words) – PDF format

Curriculum Vitae (two pages or less) – PDF format

Work Samples: 5-10 images of prior work, or sketches/works related to proposed project. Works must have been completed within the past three years. Images must be JPEG files, 72dpi, 1MB max per image; each titled LastName_FirstName1.jpg (i.e. Doe_John1.jpg, Doe_John2.jpg, etc.).
Links to videos and audio files will also be considered (up to 3 minutes long). Include the links in the Work Sample List. Slide show links will not be considered.

Work Sample List: Submit an image list corresponding to the jpg files. Include title, year, dimensions, location (where applicable). Include any URLs for video links or audio files in this list.

For questions, email No phone calls please.

To download this call for proposals, click here (PDF).

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