July 2003


Newspace gallery presents the photomontages of Luke Buser. Luke is a Portland native who has been creating this body of work since 2001. Most of the images used are cut out of various magazines, although actual photographs are sometimes used as well.

“I am self-taught and do not use scissors, any meaning found in these photomontages is coincidental.”


Also showing are photographs by Minnie Jardine made with a Holga camera. Minnie is traditionally a landscape painter, but when she came across the inexpensive plastic camera known as the Holga, like many other artists she found it’s image quality to be very intriguing. With light leaks, vignetting and soft focus it allows her to capture dark moody images of places that she might create in a painting.

“I am an artist who works with oil paint, landscapes of distance and detail, somewhat abstract. A photographer who primarily uses a Holga camera which has the ability to see what I see………points of light, light leaks, and moody dark places.”