July 2004

Pat GrahamMelanie Standage

“Like so many of the most inspired collaborations, the concept & title for ‘Hot Girls Cool Guys’ came from a night out down at the pub. Pat was in London for the opening of his 1997 touring photo exhibition (with Cynthia Connolly) at the ICA and I had just wrapped the first ‘Smoker Girls’ event. After a few pints we decided that we should do a show together, I said ‘yeah, let’s call it hot girls cool guys!’……….. Pat looked grim.”

-Melanie Standage

Pat Graham began taking photos in high school, soon after he started taking photos at punk rock shows. In 1991 he moved to Washington DC to pursue music photography and the rest, as they say, is history.

Pat’s love of music comes naturally, his unassuming personality and gentle ways have helped pave the way for his success in this arena. His art making is sincere and he gives himself wholeheartedly to capturing the essence of the music and the musicians he photographs. The icing on the cake is his awe-inspiring talent as a photographer. The results are breathtaking.

Melanie Standage is a designer & photographer born and raised in London UK. She began her photos-series “Smoker Girls” in 95/96, working with her friends to create tongue in cheek portraits of “normal” women as “sexy ladies”. Her obsession was fuelled by a love of how to glamour photography manuals from the 40’s & 50’s. The series has evolved over the years to become more personally relevant portraits of these women as themselves.

Pat & Melanie currently live in London & run a small art gallery, 96 Gillespie


Nyree Watts uses her camera to create dark ethereal images that one can stare into for hours and get lost. Her images have graced the covers of many Badman Recording Co. releases including Mark Kozelek, Red House Painters and The Innocence Mission to name a few. She currently lives and works in Portland, OR.

“I hear………….I see the image and I push the trigger.”