June 2006

Bob Farr & Sam Devine Tischler

Bob Farr, a photographer for more than 30 years, will present a selection of his work which includes images shot with a variety of large format cameras. His collection of cameras include an 11×14, 7×17, 5×7, 8×10 and 4×5.

After receiving a BFA from Southwest Missouri State University in 1976, he spent 26 years teaching middle school students. 18 years ago Bob began enlarging 4×5 negatives and now works with contact prints from various large format cameras. After retiring from teaching he moved to the NW and resides in Kelso, WA.

“The interrelated processes of visualization of the subject and darkroom techniques are very important to the photographic process. It?s a personal experience that is reflected through this process and the image is rarely a literal presentation of the subject.”

Sam Devine Tischler
[artist website]

Sam Devine Tischler is a photographer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sam spent 3 years as an assistant for Platinum printer, David Michael Kennedy, where he mastered this and many other alternative printing processes. Having lived in Santa Fe all his life, his subject matter is influenced by the landscapes and oddities that surround him there. The work primarily featured in this show was shot with either a pinhole or 4×5 camera and exquisitely printed using platinum or van dyke processes.