June 2007

Rick Regan
Photographs from Italy & Japan
[artist website]

A world traveler, photographer Rick Regan works to interpret our ever-changing cultural landscape – roadside shrines and memorials, peeling posters, reflections in antique shop windows, a stack of bamboo brooms in the corner of a Japanese alley. His beautifully colorful images are largely unpeopled, but are filled with presence and humanity.

Regan has been exhibiting nationally since 1967. He was included in “Oregon’s 20th Century in Photography” at the Portland Art Museum in 2000 and his work is in numerous public and private collections. This show represents his most recent body of work. Regan lives and works in Portland.

Jackson Nichols
Dreams of Flight
[artist website]

California photographer Jackson Nichols presents his hauntingly nostalgic black and white images from his series entitled, “Dreams of Flight.” He writes of his work, “as adults, we take the idea of flight for granted. Since the Wright brothers first flew 100 years ago, flight has become a routine form of transportation and it’s icons a part of our culture. But to children, flight retains the awe and innocence of magic. The idea of flying lives in the realm of dreams and imagination. These images attempt to capture the fascination of flight as seen through the eyes of children and those of us who never outgrew the wonder of flight.”

Nichols works as a graphic designer in the Bay Area to support his passion for photography.