June 2008


Jodi Boatman catches herself staring at the freckles on a man’s eyelids or the matted texture of a worn carpet, remembering. It is the eventual loss of these moments that she dreads and is what pushes her to make her imagery. Through the use of the photograph Ms. Boatman hopes to comprehend her fixation with failed relationships, childhood dwellings and the death of her paternal Grandmother: all themes that perpetually bind her to the past. This body of work being exhibited is about self-exposure, misunderstanding and failures.

Jodi Boatman served as assistant professor of art at The Ohio University from 2003 until 2008. She received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2000 and her BFA from the Columbus College of Art and design in 1998. She has exhibited in Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Ohio and Philadelphia.

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Portland Multi-media artist Heather Gonsior will be exhibiting her recent Polaroid images where she experiments with panoramas and montages to add motion and/or multiple perspectives to a photograph. For her approach she thinks of her photographs and paintings as portraits, whether they are of people, places or things. She explores the city finding neighborhood characters, power substations and cemeteries which says says: “can be quite charming.” “Each has its own character; some are loved more than others. We don’t always notice them but we would miss them if they were gone.”

Heather Gonsior lives in Portland, Oregon. She toils by day as a drafter. She is not to be confused with the other Heather Gonsiors. She works in whatever medium suits her at the time, and produces quality products for Standard Manufacturing by both will and compulsion. She has studied under the American painter Cliff Smith since 1999 and continues to show art in many media. Ms. Gonsior is further certified as an E-I-T and Tube Bender. She has allowed her traffic signal inspector and flagger certificates to lapse.

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