March 2003

Andrew Hutchison
[artist website]

Not being able to call any certain place home at the moment, Andrew is constantly touring the country and world with various skaters and skate teams (more often than not Consolidated) documenting their adventures and skating ability. This collection is a bit more personal though, showing the downtimes between photo shoots (working?) and captures the essence of his journey with his friends. Andrew has been/is a contributing photographer for such magazines as Thrasher, Big Brother, Strength and Slap.


Todd works creating illustrations, logo work and page layout for Life Sucks Die magazine, and is the art director for Consolidated Skateboards. His art is usually acrylic paint on found wood scraps or screen printed. His subject matter is usually girls…………”I’m kinda girl crazy”.


Between family (wife & 2 kids), work and skateboarding Israel somehow finds time to work on various art projects. Israels art is done in 100% spare time, a bit here and a bit there, mixed media at its finest, mostly markers, different kinds of wood stains and whatever kind or color of paint he can get his hands on. He pays a lot of attention to colors and line work, the key part of his work is that it is created in chunks of minutes whenever he can find them, he never gets to just sit down and work on a project. Hence the “napkin art”.