March 2004


Steven Rockoff’s body of work titled “Schweiz ohne Alpen” (Switzerland without Alps) was shot in Switzerland over the past two summers while vacationing with his family.

“What fascinates me is a seemingly timeless though ubiquitous juxtaposition of modernity and old world charm. The scenic composition first attracts me. Then the human presence, often unaware of it’s role, takes its place and completes the image. This is a shared vision with earlier twentieth century photojournalists such as Cartier-Bresson, Kertesz and many others. However, these are my personal souvenirs of places, moods and time with family distant from the rigors and routine of work and life here at home.”

PHOTOGRAPHS – Dale Strouse

Dale Strouse is a self taught photographer who has been making images for over 20 years. He graduated from college with a degree in biology and then worked as a carpenter for 10 years before returning to school to study graphic design. He currently works as a freelance artist and has exhibited frequently, showing his work in group and solo shows. These images on display at newspace are his 4×5 black and white landscapes shot over the past 2 years around the northwest.

“My greatest passion is in making black and white photographs of this endless subject with a large format 4×5 camera. I try to make prints that inspire the viewer to experience the wonder I felt when I walked through the landscape. I am not aiming to make a simple document of a scene, instead I want to make prints that allow the viewer to feel a spark of the passion that binds us all to the land.”

PHOTOGRAPHS – Alison Noice

Alison Noice started taking pictures about three years ago as a way to take her energy away from work as a counselor at a 24 hour mental health urgent care clinic and focus it onto something more creative.

“I’m a meanderer by nature, so taking pictures is a way to find beauty or interest in something that people pass over every day of their lives. This is also part of why I prefer color film, because the photos remain indicative of how they exist in nature.”


Starting in January of 2004 Newspace has been presenting a monthly series of sound/image installations in our back studio to coincide with its first Friday’s openings. this months installment will be from two artists known as sound analogous. These take place on the reception night only!

Sound Analogous (Peter Chester & Jeff Hoefs) will be presenting “The Typewriter Project” sound installation which is an exploration of the relationship between sound and psychology. Whereas music may influence thought and emotion, The Typewriter Project attempts to translate thought into music. The content of what is typed on a typewriter is analyzed by a system in an attempt to derive the participant’s psychological state and express it through music. In as much we are also promoting an investigation. A trail of pages, memory modules of past participants, stirs the curiosity of observers and invites the confidence of new participants. The result is a composition of sound and memory, music and vision.