March 2006

Paul Hernandez & David Lanthan Reamer

Paul Hernandez
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Paul Hernandez’ career started in the late 80’s as a rock band photographer in Seattle during the hay day of grunge music. He moved towards shooting fashion and fine art photography while living and traveling throughout Europe in the 90?s exploring and developing his unique style.

“My interest in figure work started with a new found respect and interest for the great masters of the past, Julia Margaret Cameron, Alfred Stieglitz and Robert Demachy. Their photographs have soul and integrity that represent the history of photography as art. To me it is important to keep this alive. Without our past we cannot be in the moment of today, our past gives us our future. This body of work represents my admiration for our pioneering for fathers with hope for our future.”

David Lanthan Reamer
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David Lanthan Reamer has always been fascinated by nostalgia and the deceptions of memory. For this body of work he set out to create a past, which invents family, friends and neighbors. People to miss, to envy and remember fondly now that they are gone. These images reminisce on vacations, road trips, holidays and records them as any memory would; a series of snapshots. In doing this he hopes to create a new, shared nostalgia.

“This mental scrapbook, I invite anyone to re-live, to remember the images, the stories and the details of this “past” as clearly or as convoluted as they remember their own.”