March 2007

Mariana Tres & Scott Jackson

A collaborative photography installation by Mariana Tres

Mariana Tres brings together photographs by people from all walks of life in a collaborative photography exhibition this month titled NOTHING IS LOST.

Tres sent out disposable cameras to 33 people including an Israeli soldier, a postal worker inIndiana, an astrophysicist in Seattle, an eight year-old girl, a journalist in Argentina, a meditation leader in Philadelphia and other random friends and strangers across the U.S. to investigate human experience and inspire a collective reading of our lives through photographs.

The participants will make as many photographs as they like of whatever they like and are being asked only that the camera leave their hands within twenty-four hours of receiving it. Tres will then create an installation of these assorted images in the gallery at Newspace.

Mariana Tres’ multidisciplinary artistic practice is rooted in a keen curiosity about the natural world and its inhabitants. Through photography, video, collaboration, interaction, writing/storytelling, installation and objects, she reveals the surprising and harmonious results of chance and random events. Previous installations highlight nineteenth centuryfigures whose serendipitous findings produced sublime works-one found that sprinkles of baking soda would accurately illustrate celestial constellations, while another discovered melodies based only on the positions of stars.

With this current installation Tres invites viewers to join her and a random group of friends and strangers to explore how NOTHING IS LOST.

View images from the installationĀ HERE

Important Developments
Photographs by Scott Jackson
[artist website]

Scott Jackson has been documenting the world around him. His work comes from his experiences of everyday life and the visual vocabulary used provides us with imagery that seems quite naturalistic. Portraits, landscapes, still lives, and snapshots are used to create themes of the calm and subtle environments he documents.

Scott grew up in New Orleans, went to school in New York and Chicago and started his career as a film editor in Los Angeles. He recently re-located to New York, from Portland, but plans on returning to the Pacific NW to work on a photography book.