March 2008

Bobby Abrahamson

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Bobby Abrahamson’s RABBIT is a mixed-media documentary project using photography, journal entries, letters, emails, drawings, poetry, found objects and personal keepsakes to weave a lyrical narrative of a 14-year journey of wandering and searching for serenity and contentment in life. The title RABBIT is based on native-American folklore that teaches how every human being has an “animal totem” that serves as their guardian spirit. Bobby’s totem of the rabbit signifies his impulse to keep running from his fears, and also his longing for connection and community. The story is personal, but not private. The installation and accompanying artist’s book present a universal tale: the struggle to escape life’s vicissitudes, and the quest for lasting peace.

A documentary photographer, filmmaker, and media artist with more than 19 years of professional experience teaching and producing documentary art. He has had five solo shows of his work, and has participated in a numerous group exhibitions in the United States and in Europe. His freelance clients include The New York Times, TIME, Fortune, U.S. News and World Report and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

This exhibition and the accompanying book were supported by an artist’s residency at Caldera.