May 2004


Renie Haiduk is a New Mexico-based photographer who specializes in black-and-white images made in natural light. With her passionate approach to image making, she creates “environmental” portraits that have been exhibited, published, and collected nationally. Renie joined the Santa Fe Workshops in 1995 and is currently the director of operations. Through The Workshops, she has assisted and worked alongside some of today’s foremost photographers, including Keith Carter, Elizabeth Opalenik, Rodney Smith, and Joyce Tenneson. Renie has taught a workshop called “Express Yourself in Black and White” at the Santa Fe Workshops for the past three years.

“For me, the greatest joy of being a photographer is capturing, with available light, an unrepeatable moment that happens spontaneously and cannot be recreated. This collection of images, made in Italy, Mexico, Texas and at home in Santa Fe reflects the subject’s commitment to expressive art in the forms of well-rehearsed circus routines, magic tricks, and dance – all performed with the hopes of making us smile and wonder!”


Josh’s work has been published and exhibited both domestically and internationally. He also won grand prize in the portfolio category of the Photographic Imaging Education Association (PIEA) annual international photography contest two years in a row (2003 & 2004). He currently resides in Brisbane Australia where he is continuing to shoot for his small business project.

“This body of photographs is from a series of portraits documenting small business owners. This project began in 1999 and includes photographs from Oregon, Illinois, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Brisbane, Australia. Large corporate retail chains have made it extremely difficult for independent business owners to compete with discount pricing and gigantic product selections. To make matters worse, a large portion of the money spent at these stores leaves the community and severely damages the local economy. As a result, empty store fronts are becoming a common sight in small towns that once thrived on local economy. With these photographs, my intentions are to document the character and sense of pride that I have found to be a common thread among small business owners and non-existent in large, corporate chains.”


G. Alan Myers is a self-taught photographer living in New Mexico. Alan’s work is predominately 35mm black and white and he is also exploring large format photography.

“People often pick-up and leave with only what they can carry. What is left behind tells of hope lost, discarded dreams. Sometimes what is left behind is stripped clean by others or by nature. The images I present are all of that: a table lamp, an upright piano, a bare cupboard, and a house with no means of entry and an exit on water. These images were taken in and around Santa Fe, NM and Bocas del Toro, Panama”