May 2006

Light Leak Photography Group

The light leak photography group consists of twelve Portland photographers who get together once a month to share work. This is the first of two shows and will feature work by Bobby Abrahamson, Chris Bennett, Lyla Emery Reno, Faulkner Short, Gretchen Vaudt and Bryan Wolf.

The second show will take place in May and will include Blake Andrews, Bob Gervais, Lisa Gidley, George Kelly, Bruce Hall and Krista Wheeler.

There is no common theme that can be seen through the groups work as a whole. There is street photography, portraiture, landscape, color and black and white. Rather, the connection is more of a common ideology and love for the medium that brings these twelve photographers together each month to share their vision.

For more images and bios, [Visit the group’s website]

Blake Andrews
[artist website]

Bob Gervais

Lisa Gidley
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M. Bruce Hall
[artist website]

George Kelly

Krista Wheeler