May 2007

Defining Identities: Three Young Adults with Cancer
Photographs by John Blalock
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John Blalock’s beautiful color images are a compelling look at three young adults facing cancer. Blalock uses a large format camera with high saturation film to create images that have a “larger than life” feel. As a nurse and photographer, Blalock has had unique access to his patient’s lives and photographs with a corresponding sense of intimacy and empathy. Through a process of discussion and collaboration, he and his patients have created photographs that show them the way they wish to be seen. His goal with this series has been to create a personal, visual narrative of youth lived under the shadow of life threatening illness.

Blalock divides his time between nursing and photography. He has a Bachelors in Nursing from OHSU and has worked as a nurse on Doernbecher Children’s Hospital’s Hematology and Oncology Unit for the last five years. A self-taught photographer, John has worked as a freelance commercial photographer and has taught photography at the Northwest Academy and PNCA.

Columbia River Portfolio
Photographs by Joseph Glasgow
[artist website]

Joseph Glasgow’s striking black and white images are part of an ongoing photographic survey of the banks and surrounding lowlands of the Columbia River. He writes, “one day I may be focused on the impact man has had on the environment. Another day I am struck by the way the shacks and the condos reflect our increasingly two-tiered society. On yet another day, the sight of two bald eagles in one tree overwhelms me. My photographs are not an indictment of man’s insensitivity to the plight of the natural environment, or a panegyric to the hardiness of nature; they are simply a meticulous appreciation of an ever-changing environment.”

Glasgow teaches occasionally at Newspace Center for Photography and has gained recognition in the photo world for his pioneering technique of coating digital prints with polyurethane and acrylic polymers for richer tonal qualities. He lives in Vancouver, WA with his family.