May 2008

The Inner Light Group

The Inner Light Photography Group was founded in 1986 by photographer Shedrich Williames. Today, the group includes more than 20 photographers who work in a wide range of photographic styles and media including classic black and white landscapes, manipulated Polaroid imagery, street photography, and semi-abstract imagery.

For this exhibition the group set out to acquire a broader perspective on photographic seeing by exploring the theme Peripheral Vision. The Inner Light group, with eyes akimbo, is asking: What does peripheral vision look like? How might it be photographed? Does it exist only in the mind of the photographer? Or is seeing with peripheral vision a physical process that keeps one alert to all that may be happening in the corners and around the edges of an image.

Exhibiting photographers in the Peripheral Vision show are:

Al Flory, Barry Peril, Blake Andrews, Cara Cottingham, M. Cecille Galligan, Christine Eagon, Cheryle Easter, Claudia J. Howell, Danielle Levario, Jane Keating, Janelle Lee, J. B. Skates Jr., Jodi Fechner, Jonathan Brand, Joseph Glasgow, Laura Russell Mylan Tran, Phyllis Reynolds, Scott Weston, Shedrich Williames, Simon Keating Skates Steve Rockoff, Tim Horn and Wendy Berreth.

This exhibition is in honor of and includes photographs by two Inner Light photographers who passed away in 2007:

David Wieprecht and Bud Watkins.