May 2009


Newspace Center for Photography is pleased to present an exhibition of photographs by Portland artist Rosemary Hammer and Vancouver, B.C. artist Jeff Downer. The artists will be in attendance for the opening reception on Friday, May 1st.

The Insouciant Beauty of the Street: Hello, Kitties! & City Scenics

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Rosemary Hammer’s cityscapes are sometimes edgy, often humorous, and always enchanting. Hammer’s eye is drawn to cluttered shop windows, old buildings, and her favorite subject – the cat. Savvy street cats peer out of alleys, shop cats variously sleep in display windows or sit at attention amid aisles of merchandise.

Her inspirations include the candor of Helen Levitt, the “ooshy-gooshy” color of William Eggleston, the insight of Lee Friedlander, and the thousands of working photojournalists who fill the papers and magazines with the beauty, horror, and banality of the real world every day.

Rosemary Hammer grew up in Astoria, Oregon.

A Suburb

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Jeff Downer is on a photographic quest to document the often strange juxtaposition of man and nature in the suburban landscape. His quirky eye and attention to moments of discord and absurdity give his pictures a dark humor and cynicism.

Jeff Downer lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia. He studied Photography at Focal Point Centre for Visual Arts and graduated in 2008. He is currently attending the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.