November 2005

Myron Filene & Jodi Boatman

Myron Filene

Mr. Filene has been shooting panoramas using a 35mm format since 1984. Over time he has explored moving past the cut and splice traditional panoramic form in which the goal is to create a seamless image. The pieces in this show all use prism–thin slices spliced together from full panoramas.

“In general, in shooting panoramically, I am interested in expanding the vertical field–stretching the up and down–while the panorama itself elongates the horizontal field. The prisms are an extreme stretching of the vertical field–space is “accordioned”.”

Myron Filene is a photographer and teacher living in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Stanford University in 1970 with a B.A. English Literature and Reed College in 1975 with an MAT in English Education. His work has been shown at Cafe Torrefazione Italia, Stumptown Cafe, and Mountain Writers Center Gallery.

Jodi Boatman
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Ms. Boatman’s work deals with memory, remembering, not remembering and the triggers of recollection. This series in particular pinpoints for her, how a memory can be triggered. The locations are happened upon and yet an immediate connection is made through a recollection. She has photographed the objects or spaces to try and pinpoint this trigger.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about not remembering, specifically, a snapshot taken of me at an Easter egg hunt when I was five. There I am in my little red sweater and blue jeans, but I cannot recall anything that is not in that photograph. I no longer remember the house or the way my parents looked. It’s a strange feeling, I cannot recall ever being there, but this picture tells me otherwise. We recall our history based on stolen moments in photographs.”

Jodi Boatman received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2000 with a specialization in Photography. Her work has recently been shown in Chicago at Links for the International Promotion of the Arts and in Philadelphia at Vox Populi Gallery. Ms. Boatman will exhibit her current projects Still Very Small and Dirty in February at the Myers Gallery, Tulsa. She is currently teaching photography at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

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