November 2006

Everyday Unusual
Lawrence Shlim & Bruce Polonsky

Lawrence Shlim

Lawrence Shlim, globe trekker and street photographer, will be showing black and white work spanning 30 years of his career. From a photograph of a traveling circus in Nepal, to Red Army soldiers in China, to Flores, Guatemala, viewers will get to experience the world through Shilm’s unique lens.

Shlim has a BA from Evergreen State College and has exhibited throughout the northwest and nationally. He received an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Oregon Arts Commission in 1992. His work is in the collections of the Seattle Art Museum and the Portland Art Museum as well as a number of private collections.

“Bangkok, 1982”

“Junior Rose Parade, Portland 1981”

Bruce Polonsky

Bruce Polonsky has been photographing the world around him since he was a child in early 60’s California. His early interest in musical performance led to publications in a number of Grateful Dead books and albums, and his photographs were used for the promotion of the Experience Music Project in Seattle. He has a BA in the Creative Arts Interdisciplinary program from San Francisco State University. His work has been shown throughout the Bay Area, Internationally, and most recently in Portland, Oregon.

Polonsky will be showing black and white prints spanning the last 30 years of his career, focusing on his street photography. His ability to capture the “decisive moment” in his urban wanderings lends this show a classic feel.