November 2007


Ann Ploeger

[artist website]

Newspace Center for Photography presents the new series “Calendar” by Portland photographer Ann Ploeger. To best reflect the images she wanted to create, Ann began collecting props and selecting spaces in her apartment that could act as backdrops for the scenes she had in mind. She then began casting these scenes with people according to their birthdays and made sure that every image created would reflect an aspect of the individual posing.

Ms. Ploeger received her BA with distinction in Film Studies and Art and English minors from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 1999. She worked as the gallery coordinator for Blue Sky Gallery from 2000-2004 and her work has been shown locally, nationally and at the Mannheim Institute in Germany. Her book, “Portraits”, was recently published by William, James & Co. This is her second exhibit at the Center.

Angela Cash

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Angela Cash presents her series “Waiting” which captures moments of true vulnerability by creating and documenting a slice in time that represents a climactic moment. In each frame, the subject experiences a unique situation of self-realization when faced with the universal fear of isolation. The ephemeral quality allows the viewer a unique interpretation of the essence of the portrait.

Lighting is vital in creating the mood of this series. Every moment is carefully Considered, and each scene is crafted from the ground up. Drawing from the common fear of being alone, each image represents a unique feeling with different levels of loneliness.

Angela Cash lives and works in Portland as a photographer.