November 2009

Recent Work

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For this exhibition, Ms. Skloven was chosen by local curator and artist TJ Norris as the top prize for the 2008 National Juried Exhibition at Newspace Center for Photography. This honor is rewarded with a solo show the following year.

In her photographic work, emerging Bay Area photographer Jessica Skloven produces images that have a way of suspending the viewer’s logic to provoke an abstract curiosity. Her sophisticated compositions and graceful use of color straddle the fine line between abstraction and reality. Skloven’s photographs captivate their audience through the use of striking color paired with the reduced reality of her images, cultivating a mystifying universe where perception has no limits.

“My color photographs are engaged in exploring how the reduction of visual information can result in an openness of other kinds of perception. They unveil an inconspicuous realm from which a subjective type of abstraction emerges to counter photography’s often-presumed objectivity. My photographs attempt to create a space for delaying cognition–for discerning a time outside of time.”

“I rely on the believability of film projected onto paper to construct illusion. The elemental nature of photography–its play with surface and depth, filtered light producing color, and the slow mechanics of the analog–are inherent to my image-making process. Ultimately, I am interested in destabilizing the sense of reality and space that photographs often inhabit.”

Jessica Skloven graduated from Cornell University with her BFA in 2005, then studied at the California College of the Arts and received her MFA in 2008. She currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA.