October 2003

FOR LEASE – Jim Golden

Jim is a native of the New York Metro area now living in Portland, who started his carreer at age three when he was handed his first camera.

“For Lease” is a brand new body of work that explores commercial spaces left behind when tenants vacate. The fragmented rooms show traces of what was once there, what was added and removed, and the resulting unintended architecture of emptiness. The faded paint lines in the walls, cords hanging without purpose, and emptied shelves in these spaces make a quiet comment on Oregon’s economic conditions.


Also showing will be the photographs of D. Morrison Lymann, who is based in Chicago, IL. Her ultimate goal is to live artwork and make artwork, and to share an open idea exchange with others.

“Observations: the world going by”, is Morrison’s most recent body of work and uses light to show the simple beauty of otherwise unspectacular day-to day moments. The ideas of travel and mood are addressed quietly through windows, windshield, and mirrors. These images were shot intermittently over several years, resulting in a series that celebrates living a visual life. A departure from more figurative work, these photographs speak of sadness, gratitude, and reflection.