October 2004

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS –¬†Diedrich Dasenbrock

Newspace Gallery is pleased to present an exhibit of new photographs by Diedrich Dasenbrock. Using the photographic process as a tool he creates abstract, painterly patterns of form & color. He runs a short 12-exposure roll of film through the camera 15-30 times to create a multi-layered whole, each layer being a set of similar images repeated in a certain rhythm. Because the rewinding process is not precise, and he can’t literally see the layers which have already been exposed on the film and is never in complete control of how the layers of images will combine together.

Mr. Dasenbrock has been photographing since the mid 60’s and studied photography with the likes of Ralph Gibson and Robert Frank at the San Francisco Art Institute in the early 70’s when he received his BFA. He was recently included in the Mark Wooley Gallery group show “10 Years: One Foot After Another”.

WALLPAPER –¬†Bootsy Holler

Newspace will also be showing the installation piece “Wallpaper” by Seattle Photographer Bootsy Holler. Like Victorian wallpaper grown wild on the walls of a fantastic bordello, hundreds of lush, over-sized roses surround you in the corridor of Newspace. Made from previously produced images, the black & white flowers are hand-colored and cut and laid on a background that measures 8 feet tall by 16 feet long.

Accompanying the exhibit for the opening reception only will be a video of Wallpaper’s first installation in 2002 made by Jon Bersche.

Ms. Holler has been shooting photos since getting a camera in 1st grade. In the last 10 years her love of photography has grown into a flourishing career as well as a consuming passion. Bootsy shoots still photos for commercials, CD’s and film. She has had her work published in magazines and books all over the world as well as showing her work in galleries.