October 2005

Lisa Gidley
[artist website]

Newspace Center for Photography presents the series “Station to Station” by photographer Lisa Gidley.

Lisa Gidley is a photographer and writer living in Portland, Oregon. She graduated in 2003 from the General Studies program at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Her work has been shown at the Chashama Gallery in New York, the education gallery of the International Center of Photography in New York, and the Hall Gallery in Portland. Her photographs have appeared in New Musical Express (NME), L Magazine, Time Out New York and elsewhere.

“Cities are noisy, messy and unpredictable. Humans, buildings, animals, vehicles and other objects overlap and collide constantly. But if you know where to look, and when, you can discover a city’s secret order within its chaos, and witness momentary incidents of beauty and strangeness. That’s what I aim to document in my photography.

The images showing this month are selected from the series ‘Station to Station’. I plotted out the entirety of New York City, taking a photo within one square block of each of its 443 subway stations. No single shot is meant to represent an entire neighborhood or the whole city, but together they form the public contours of what I love about urban life in general and New York in particular.

I photograph urban environments with a medium-format Bronica GS1 camera, using color negative film; I make my prints in a color darkroom.”