September 2004



Newspace Gallery is pleased to present an exhibit of photographs by Helaine Garren and Jack Baxter, two Oregon based photographers whose images take us back to a place when America seemed a bit more simple, unrefined and raw. Helaine Garren will be showing two separate series, “Bensinger’s Pool Hall” shot in Chicago from 1969 to 1970 and “Western United States” shot in 1971 after receiving a project grant from the Art Institute of Chicago. Garren’s pool hall images are dark and gritty, showing the massive Chicago pool hall in it’s heyday filled with the local characters and pool sharks. Her “Western United States” series shows her knack for capturing peculiar, beautiful images.

“BURLESQUE” – Jack Baxter

Jack Baxter will be showing his “Burlesque” series which he shot in Minneapolis, MN in 1958 at various Burlesque clubs. Baxter has been a photographer for over sixty years who has a passion for traveling and recording the lives of those he encounters along the way. On the cold winter nights he spent in Minneapolis he found refuge in a few dark, smoky burlesque clubs, with his camera along for the ride he began snapping photos. Although there is a huge burlesque revival in clubs here in Portland (Dante”s) and around the country, what he has is a record of what burlesque truly was when it first existed.