September 2006

The View From Here

Rachel Shapiro and Greg Turco

Rachel Shapiro uses photography as a way to experience a sense of coherence and order, a simplified instance of peace. Her color landscapes celebrate the unique details that define a place. The landscape of the world is changing so drastically, the photographs are taken in appreciation and devotion to the craft and intrinsic beauty in these places. The majority of the details of these locations are eroding or on the verge of change, the photographs become a tangible history of them.

Rachel graduated with a BFA from Parson School of Design (2004) and currently works as an art buyer for Wieden & Kennedy in Portland.

As a photographer Greg Turco attempts to show viewers what they might not see on a daily basis. These images he will be on view are not only about the immediate image presented, but rather about what it might have been: the lives that happened around it and collectively shaped what it is today. To show the textures of rust or flaking paint not for what they are literally but as the current state of an ongoing story of an object that has stood witness to all the trials and emotions of life. A house that has seen a bride carried over the threshold, a baby’s first steps, and possibly that baby’s last breath as an old man or woman; a car that may have been some poor soul’s demise or the vehicle, which allowed someone to discover the world. These photographs on the surface are pictures of houses and cars, but if you dig a little deeper you will see that they are about life.

Greg received his BFA from the University of Georgia in Athens (2001) and currently lives in Jefferson, GA.
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