September 2007


Jake Shivery

Jake Shivery’s Contact Portraits refers to the technique of contact printing directly from 8×10 negatives. The resulting work is heavily influenced by this process – oriented approach: the pieces are still, formative and meditative. These posed portraits represent modern subjects interacting with traditional, craft-based technology, creating a unique set of circumstances that lean toward being simultaneously formal and intimate.

Jake works at Blue Moon Camera and Machine in St. Johns. He lives and shoots in North Portland, mostly in his backyard.

Jason Kelley

Jason Kelley’s intention with Mylarsian Dreams is to creatively explore the concept that reality is a construct of our perception as opposed to perception being influenced by reality. Jason wraps reflectively coated mylar around objects in his studio and photographs them with a mirror lens at different degrees of focus, the results look much like otherworldly creatures and nothing similar to what is seen with the naked eye.

“To a large degree I felt that I was seeing another way of being where creatures like this existed just outside my current ability to perceive. I used simple tools to alter my perception. But what if there was a radical change in how I perceive? What if extreme cultural differences, use of advanced and esoteric implements, or an altogether different genetic and spiritual makeup would provide different perceptions and therefore an altered reality? What would my reality consist of? And if I was capable of explaining, would you agree?”

Jason Kelley is a local photographer who would like nothing better than to romp around the world with a 4×5 strapped on his back. For now, he’s content with a handful of projects and the occasional sojourn outside of Portland.